KVerse Society

7,777 Metaverse-inspired Kiku Inus on the Binance Smart Chain

About KVerse Society

$KVERSE, a new decentralized project on the BSC market utilizing the power of mass rapid community building and heavy hitting marketing. $KVERSE aims to provide holders the opportunity to earn passive income, become involved with the NFT community and enjoy the interactions with a strong friendly community. $KVERSE is a fair and honest community that shows everyone you can have fun and earn at the same time.

KVerse Society is a relaunch of Kiku Inu, the first token that did over 1,500X in 2022. $KVERSE is built around it’s token and NFT’s (Non-Fungible Token) where holders will earn passive income either by holding $KVERSE token or NFTs itself. The holders of $KVERSE will also gain special access to giveaway, airdrop, NFTs sale reflection, alpha and much more. $KVERSE token will act as a currency in game, where holders can buy, sell items, stake and more.

NFT Marketplace

We will have our own Marketplace, where you can buy and sell your NFTs. Each of the transaction on sale are tax 10% which allow our minters, NFT holders and $KVERSE token holders to earn passive income.

P2E Game

$KVERSE will have an immerse P2E game that evolve around our NFTs. User can equip their NFT as skin to play in the game. As $KVERSE aim to build a multi-players metaverse game will allowed user to interact with each other’s. $KVERSE will have many mini games such as KRUN, KRACE, KFIGHT and eventually become KVERSE Metaverse where users can interact, talk, party, play and earn.

🪙 KVERSE Tokenomics

  • 6% Marketing Fee
  • 3% Liquidity Fee
    2% Game Development Fee
  • 1% Team 

👑 Benefit for $KVERSE Token holders

1) 10% NFTs Sale reflection
2) 2% Marketplace Fee reflection
3) Staking
4) Exclusive to Airdrop and Giveaways

🃏 Benefit for $KVERSE NFT holders

1) 5% NFTs Sale Reflection
2) 2% Marketplace Fee reflection
3) 3% Minter Rewards
4) NFT Staking


Phase 1

•Develop Smart Contract
•Website Launch
•Launch Pancake Swap
•Community Events
•Meme contest + Giveaways
•Advertising Campaigns
•Influencers Marketing

Phase 2

•2,500 holders
• List on CoinGecko
• List on CoinMarketCap
•Community Events
• First Donation at 1 Million Marketcap
• Various Partnerships & Sponsorships
• List on Blockfolio
• Crypto.com Ads
• Audits – InterFi
• NFT Creation and Minting
• NFT Marketplace

Phase 3

• 10,000 holders
• Logo on TrustWallet & BscScan
• Exchange Listing
• Community Growth and Organization
• Merch Store Launch (Tshirt, Hoodie, Jacket, Cup, Bottle, Etc)
• Second Charity Donation at 5 Million Market Cap
• NFT Staking
• KVERSE Dapp (KSwap, Staking)
• Begin Developing KVERSE P2E game

Phase 4

• 100,000 holders
• 50 Million Market Cap
• Major Exchange Listing
• 1st Beta P2E Game release
• Creation of 3D NFTs
• NFT Expansion Pack (Land, House, Equipment, Serum Injection)